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Welcome to Bellevue

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Fittingly, it’s name is French for “the view,” which it certainly delivers.

Both USA Today and CNN Money ranked Bellevue among their top places the live and launch a business in the country—a nod that Bellevue lives up to on all fronts. A conscious dedication to work/life balance seems to permeate everything you find here.

Just east of the city, across Lake Washington, lies another growing urban skyline—Bellevue. People who live on the East Side tend to stick to that part of town; unless there’s a home game at CenturyLink or Husky Stadium, that is. Bellevue has spared no expense to make it easy to call this place home.


What to Expect 

Bellevue is a very tidy town, where everything has its place and service always comes with a smile.

Pristine parks, premier shopping, impeccable workspaces and Instagram worthy dining surrounds you. Bellevue Way showcases it all, starting with Lincoln Square—one of the largest Retail centers in the region. Spread out and savor it at your own pace.

Where you bring your A-game to everything you do. It’s family and fashion forward, 24/7.

Tech companies thrive in Bellevue, so it stands to reason that many who live here embrace this meticulous lifestyle. There are plenty of wide-open outdoor spaces to play for all ages—Bellevue offers the elbow room Downtown Seattle doesn’t. And the newly expanded 520 Bridge (the largest floating bridge in the world) makes getting over to Seattle and University Village a breeze.

Unexpected Appeal 

Refined suburban living is the very definition of “boomburg.”

Outdoor lifestyle takes many forms—Cougar Mt. trails, lakefront promenades, boating, fishing, swimming; all right in your own backyard.

The Market

Tons of apartment complexes, single family options, and larger lots.

A fast growing city tucked in the hills around Lake Washington, Bellevue features the perfect retreats for those who fancy a little elbow room with their peace and quiet. Luxury takes on many forms here.

You'll Fall In Love With 

How close you are to Seattle—and yet, how utterly far away city life seems from this enclave.

The Golf Course at New Castle offers incredible panoramic views of Seattle and Lake Washington, as do the surrounding neighborhoods. And how the Emerald City shines at night!


The Lifestyle

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