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Welcome to Queen Anne

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Once you make it up the hill, you may simply never want to come back down.


Queen Anne is an aspiring location for young families and quiet homebodies alike, who are enamored with in-town living. Almost every street offers glimpses of Seattle’s 19th century architectural past and its tech-loving future.

One of the city’s most sought after locations for easy access to all things Seattle. You’ll love the views, the quiet, and tree-lined Queen Anne Avenue with its one-of-a-kind shops and cozy restaurants. This neighborhood sits on the first hill north of downtown and is almost split into two distinct parts—Upper and Lower Queen Anne—with mostly apartments on the lower half, and residential homes up top.

What to Expect 

Tons of water and mountain views around every corner, with many well-cared for lawns, gardens and balconies.

Queen Anne is a lovely fusion of old and new. It almost begs to be walked, with its bevy of storied staircases, proximity to the beloved Space Needle and world renowned views from Kerry Park.

At its feet lies the Space Needle, Museum of Pop Culture, Chihuly Garden and the future home to the NBA franchise. On top, serenity and scenery to rival the most memorable in the Pacific Northwest. The Hill itself is truly what separates Upper and Lower Queen Anne.

Upper Queen Anne is quiet, friendly, slow-paced neighborhood; while Lower Queen Anne is alive with diverse shops, bars, restaurants and event spaces.

Unexpected Appeal 

Easy access to downtown and the highways for weekend escapes.

Seattle offers a truly unique mix analog and high-end digital experiences at every turn, all of which cater to a creative lifestyle.

The Market

High price points and properties move fast.

Queen Anne offers a wide variety of homes from 19th Century Craftsman to new modern builds—both big and small. The schools are ranked among the best in the city and the views are pretty spectacular.

You'll Fall In Love With 

1920’s architecture mixed with ultra-modern new builds, paired with a super laid back feel.

The level of detail and finesse that goes into so many properties on the Hill proves people really love living here. With the Olympic Mountains to the west, the Cascades the east and water all around—you’re bound to be smitten at first sight.

The Lifestyle

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