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  • Lauren | Queen Anne

    There couldn't have been a better candidate for my first time home-buying experience. Will was energetic, enthusiastic, and excited to find me the perfect home. He was willing to meet at odd hours, would answer endless series of questions, and provided me with unsolicited materials and resources to help guide me through the entire process. Will is an outstanding communicator and extremely professional in his demeanor, yet kept the entire experience light hearted and exciting in a market that could have been easy to get discouraged in otherwise. He has extensive knowledge of the Seattle and Eastside markets and he was very helpful in painting a clear, and realistic understanding as to what I'd be looking at at each property. I would highly recommend Will to anyone looking to buy or sell a home, and I look forward to using Will again in the future.
  • John and Katie | Ravenna NE Seattle

    Will was fantastic! He got us a great deal. Will was very knowledgeable and seemed to have a great grasp on the market. He was incredibly flexible and was able to accommodate all of our requests, even if they were at odd hours. Will was not pushy in any way and he made sure we moved at a pace that we felt comfortable with. Will also has a great eye for things immediately when you walk in to house, making sure we knew the in's and out's of any house that we were going to consider. I would highly recommend using Will, and we will definitely be using him for any future Home Buying/Selling.
  • Aaron and Marissa | Madison Valley Seattle

    Will was great to work with. I had absolute trust in his ability to represent our interests in finding the right home and he had great insight when it came to identifying value in properties that without his help, I would have overlooked. We avoided major bidding wars, which kept our transactional costs down and allowed us to jump on the right opportunity when it presented itself. Once we got our house under contract he navigated us through every stage of the purchase process, which helped us close with confidence and ease. I highly recommend working with Will if you're looking for someone that you can trust to put your needs first.
  • Anneka | West Seattle

    Working with Will on my first time buying a home was nothing short of a dream. He guided me through the process and advocated for my best interests throughout - at one point helping me see the downside of a place I was excited about (thank goodness we didn't pick that place). When we found the right place, Will made it happen! We came in under asking and the offer was accepted. He called me two hours after the offer went in to tell me I'd gotten it, and, bewildered, I was like, "but I didn't even write a letter? or include pictures of me?" Will goes, "Oh. I did all that for you."
  • Kavik | Beacon Hill Seattle

    I would highly recommend Will to anyone looking to buy a home and I look forward to using Will again in the future. It was a pleasure working with Will whose personal ability, attention to details, and enthusiasm was able to put my first time condo nerves at ease. He listened to the things I wanted, set expectations in a thriving market, found places to look at, was always early for our meetings, and advocated for my best interest throughout the process. When we found the right place, Will turned around the offer quickly over the weekend!
  • Alex and Kelsey | Bryant, NE Seattle

    Will was great throughout the whole process. Even in a very competitive market, he did a great job of setting expectations and answering questions that we didn't even know to ask. His knowledge of the market was fantastic and his ability to point things out in a house that add value or areas of concern was great. We would work with him again anytime.
  • Wyatt and Shannon | Redmond

    Will was exceptional to work with on both the purchase and sale of our homes. He is naturally supportive, understanding, trustworthy and was always quick to respond to our never ending questions. Will is exceptionally knowledgeable in all aspects of Real Estate, especially when it comes to housing finishes and quality of construction. I HIGHLY recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.
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    Coming from a family of established real estate professionals, Will brings invaluable local and industry knowledge to the forefront.

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